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Boardwalk Originals from Cottages and Gardens Logo
The special pieces of art known as Boardwalk Originals are brought to you here at by CottagesandGardens.

At CottagesandGardens we strive to offer our customers an old fashioned customer service oriented shopping experience which hopefully creates pleasure for all.  To simply sell things to a customer without the joy, we believe is an "empty transaction".  We also want to get to know as many of our customers as possible.  As well as helping us to provide better customer service, it also allows people to simply connect. This is very important to us plus there seems to be a shortage of it these days.

We particularly enjoy being able to offer our products, such as Boardwalk Originals, to those who normally can't get them where they live.  Many of us grew up in small towns and know what it is like not to have easy access to the wonderful shopping and expertise that those living in the major metropolitan areas enjoy.  This is our favorite thing to do!

And a special "Thank You" to Bonnie Barrett and our artists friends for the lovely work that you do and the joy your creativity and hard work provides to so many people!

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