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Information About Shipping And Shipping Charges
U.S. Canada International
Under $24.95 $ 4.95 $ 7.50 For S & H charges and other general information for deliveries to Hawaii, Alaska & other countries, please CONTACT US.
$  24.95  - $  49.94 $ 6.95 $10.50
$  49.95 - $  74.94 $10.25 $20.50
$  74.95 - $  99.94 $11.75 $17.75
$  99.95   - $149.94 $14.55 $21.95
$149.95    - $199.94 $16.95 $25.55
$199.95  - $249.94 $18.25 $27.55
$249.95   - $299.94 $19.75 $29.75
$299.95 - $399.94 $22.55 $33.75
$399.95 - $500.00 $24.75 $38.95
over $500.00 Amount Above Plus 4% Over $500.00 Amount Above Plus 6% Over $500.00
Each order will be charged an amount for Shipping and Handling (S & H) based upon the table above.  To determine the S & H amount for your order, calculate the sum of the Regular Sales Prices of all items in the order.  Find that amount in the first column and then locate the corresponding S & H amount under U.S. or Canada.

Our objective in determining our S & H charges is to collect, on an overall basis, the actual costs we incur in packaging materials and amounts paid to our freight carriers.  We do not include the cost of our labor, facilities or administrative activities.

When certain items are large in size, weight, or both, we must pay significantly more to our freight carriers to ship your order to you.  Our General Shipping and Handling Charges Schedule above does allow for this.  For such items, an Additional Shipping and Handling charge may apply.  Any such charge will be clearly described on the Main Item Description Page.  Our objective in determining the amount of these charges is to collect only the additional amount we must pay to our freight carriers.
We offer Expedited Shipping Services, including Overnight Delivery, if you order needs to be delivered sooner than our standard shipping allows (see General Shipping Information below) .  You will be charged an amount for Expedited Shipping Services that approximates our additional cost to fill your request.  This charge may appear as a separate item on your credit card statement.

For Overnight Delivery, orders must be received by us before 11:00 AM Pacific Time.  Certain items may not be shippable using Overnight Expediting services.  Please call us at 949.760.3696 to arrange for these services.

We want to ship your order to you as quickly as possible. 

You order may be shipped from any one of our different facilities around the United States, including our main facility in California.  It may also be shipped from other facilities.  In stock items shipped from our facilities are generally shipped within 48 hours of us receiving your order.  For deliveries within the contiguous 48 states, you should expect to receive such orders within 5 to 7 business days after our receipt of your order.  Out of stock items and items shipped from other facilities may take longer ~ generally 2 to 4 weeks.  Items ordered together may not arrive in the same box or on the same day.

We generally use FedEx, DHL, United Parcel Service and the United States Postal Service to deliver almost all of our shipments.

For various reasons, including completing shipments from other locations and for backorders, it may be necessary for us to make partial or split shipments to fill your entire order in the best manner possible.  The Order Confirmation e-mail that we send to you will address this if it is applicable to your order.  We will also tell you the estimated ship dates of each partial or split shipment.

If the time difference between any split shipment is significant, we generally prorate the total S & H amount for your entire order between each shipment.  In almost all cases, the cumulative S & H amount for a particular order will not exceed the amounts indicated above based on your order total.  If the cumulative total of S & H amounts will exceed the amounts above, then your Order Confirmation or Order Update notice will address it, including the total amount to be charged for S & H.  If this is unacceptable to you, you may cancel your order in accordance with our policies as described above and elsewhere on this website.

For instructions and more information, please CONTACT US.
For ordering information, see ORDERING.

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